Left Handed Golf Tips

Left Handed Gof Tips

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Left handed golf tips can be very hard to find.

Almost all of the articles found in the internet or other materials focus on right handed golfers, leaving no room for those that are left handed. This article provides a compilation of guidelines for new left handed golfers.

For new players, it is essential that left handed golfers as well as right handed ones,  maintain their head in a low position while doing their swing. Raising your head in order to see the direction of the ball is the usual error in new players.

Another mistake committed by new golfers is not producing a good rotation while hitting and doing the follow through. Left handed golf tips state that lefties should turn their body fully to the right to give the swing more power and force, primarily from the hips to the hands. This is essential to attain solid hitting.

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The swing should be led by the right hand and completed  with the left. Through this, the force coming from your dominant hand should unite with that of your dominant side in driving the ball.

An essential left handed golf tip would be to finish your swing with a full follow through placing you on the balls of your feet. Avoid ending up flat-footed or on your heels. When you notice that you finish your swing with you on the balls of your feet, you are then certain that you made the right rotation.

To complete these left handed golf tips, some information regarding course management should be added.

During the course, you may observe that holes, called dogleg holes, turn left to right. To be able to play efficiently, you must master the skill in executing draw shots, which allows the ball to curve while you’re in control to the right.

Since articles on how to hit a draw is mostly for right handed golfers, all you have to do is reverse the instructions and master them. This shot can be beneficial for you in the long run.

Lastly, left handed golfers must choose the right clubs which are  intended for lefties to be able to maximize their skills. These are available in boutiques or sporting goods stores, as well as online.

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