How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight

How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight

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It’s commonly known that a golfer would like to know the technique or the secret on how to drive a golf ball straight. The main test here is how to use the driver, a club which is hard to master.

The basic principle here is that the longer the club, the more difficult it is to use. Though it is hard, learning how to drive a golf ball straight is not an impossible task. You only need training as well as some tips and strategies to start you off.

The most desired shot when you drive it off the tee is one that does not convey a backspin to the ball, but rather travels low with adequate power to increase the number of yards once the ball rolls upon landing. If you attain these three fundamental elements, you will see drastic progress in your play.

To become skilled in driving a  ball straight, first you must  know the  leverage  through the whole swing. To attain this, maintain your head behind the golf ball from address to impact.

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Second, the distance is determined by the club head speed more than the arm strength. Players who use sheer muscular power when taking a shot usually end up with improper striking of the ball. To produce the desired speed and power for this shot, you must use your hips and legs.

The other clubs in the standard golf bag are more flexible when we talk about the swing path with the exception of the driver. At the start of your backswing, maintain the swing; plain, shallow, or low.

Remember to let your hands guide the club head at impact otherwise known as “letting your wrists break”. This is important in learning how to drive a  ball straight.

A usual error of golf players is stopping their swing abruptly upon hitting the ball. To prevent this, allow your body and your arms to move all throughout the swing as well as the follow through.

Another tip on how to drive a  ball straight is to not hold the club too firmly. Focus on whipping the golf ball with the club instead of chopping it.

If you notice that you have an inclination of slicing the ball, slowing your downswing can help. It may be that you are coming down too hard or too quickly, which causes the ball to stray from the proper swing path. Take time to inspect your grip. If two or three of your knuckles are not visible when look at your grip, you will surely end up slicing the ball.

This type of grip is also applicable when you hook the ball. If you examine your grip and more than two or three knuckles are visible, your grip is going to alter at impact resulting to a severe hook.

The final tip in learning how to drive a  ball straight is to be certain that you are neither pushing nor pulling the ball. This is possible when you are coming off the tee or even if you are hitting off the fairway.

To determine whether if you ae pushing or pulling the ball, look at the divot left behind. If the divot points either to the left or right of the target line, there is improper alignment of your body.

Strive to put these tips and strategies to practice and watch your game progress. Keep in mind that the most valuable tip to drive a golf ball straight. Keep practicing until you achieve this goal.

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