Hitting a Draw

hitting a draw

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Contrary to popular belief, hitting a draw shot is not that complicated. Being able to control the flight path of your ball is vital in mastering the skill.

Hitting a draw entails the ball to travel from the right towards the left like hook shot. However, hitting a draw necessitates more control and thinking. Professionals give more time and effort to master this skill because it can provide more distance in their drives.

Correct execution permits the ball to travel lower and roll farther on the fairway. When performing this shot, you will notice an enhancement in your abilities.

Certain things must be done in order to learn how to hit a draw.

The first element on hitting a draw is by attaining a firm golf trip. This can be done by turning your hands a little to the right on the club shaft. Only rotate your hands and not the shaft.

After that, move your distance closer. This gives your body the appropriate space to be able to make a complete turn and achieve the correct inside to outside swing path.

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In the instance that the head of the club gets in touch with the ball, allow your hands to do its job. Your right hand will normally regain its first position, making room for the club face to get closer. At this time, your strong grip becomes useful.

Maintain a head down position while hitting a draw until completion of your follow through. When the correct stance is applied, it will be natural for the ball to swerve to the right and upon reaching its apex, it will start to return to the left, halting its curve by the center line.

When you observe  the ball  arching towards the left, your shot is closer to a hook,  more practice is needed.

Be sure to look downwards at the divot you left. When using iron in a shot, your divot tends to the left of the target line or straight in line with the target line. Its direction should not be towards the right.

To master hitting a draw, practice is  much needed along with  the use of the best club, which is a mid-iron. Most golfers choose a 6, which is a good choice. When you experience difficulty in perfecting the shot, check your grip. It is harder to attain the right shot when your grip is larger and softer.

Do not be disheartened when you make more hook shots. This is very common since it’s your first time. Learning the technique requires consistent and continuous practice. It is better to observe what you are doing and make small adjustments and slowly improve as required.

When mastering how to hit a draw use your mid-irons and step up towards the driver. Frequently, it is the trickiest part since it is easier to perfect the driver with the use of easier clubs. Do not be discouraged. Knowing the procedure will help you control the shot and make your performance better.

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